Beijing 北京分部

Green Diamond is the title of a company that existed in Beijing between 1995 and mid-1999, whose headquarters were located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone on Jinghai Road.


At first it was impossible to find any official proof attesting to its existence, until now. With the help of Li Jian Ping (李建平), who was employed in the factory between 1994 and 1999, Rachele Maistrello has worked since 2018 to collect all of the existing documents and reconstruct what happened in this company.


Green Diamond was a factory of highly sophisticated hi-tech technology, whose aim was the development of refined microchips in diamond powder, called "GDsensors,” capable of provoking in the human body sensations and feelings related to the world of nature.


Through a series of human gestures combined with sensors implanted in precise parts of the body and the use of virtual contact lenses and ultrasound waves, the user of "Green Diamond" would be able to experience sensations such as the heat of the sun on the skin or pure air on the face.

“GD感应器”的使用者被称作“绿钻”。使用时,先将感应器精准植入要用的人体部位,再搭配使用虚拟隐形眼镜和超声波。通过一系列姿势, “绿钻”的感知能力增强,比如能感受到太阳照在皮肤上的温度和迎面而来的清新空气。

Between 1998 and 1999, the company employed 高跃 (Gao Yue), one of the most promising acrobats of the school of acrobatic art in Beijing, with the task of testing the sensors and working on the new “Green Diamond” gestures.


For about 9 months, Gao Yue and Li Jian Ping had a relationship. Thanks to this, Li Jian Ping archived most of their conversations and documents about the factory and the work that Gao Yue did daily.


When Li Jian Ping left the company, all company emails and web documents were immediately deleted, both online and on his computer. Li Jian Ping, however, had kept several videos, photographs and messages in print to build a small collection for Gao Yue on the occasion of their first anniversary, which today is the real source of research in the reconstruction of Green Diamond.


Thanks to in-depth analysis of sources and comparisons of documents, Li Jian Ping's archive is now available to the public. If anyone has information about the "Green Diamond Factory", they are encouraged to contact Rachele Maistrello and Li Jian Ping.