footage taken by 李建平(Li Jian Ping) early 1998
document 9A_ email exchange, from: Li Jian Ping to: Gao Yue 
early 1998

Gao Yue. 20 February 1998, 2.00 a.m.
高跃 19982202:00

I knew I would give up :) Now you know everything, you know what I'm doing. Do you understand why I didn't tell you about this before? Both the waves and the sensors are used to bring me closer to nature. Every time I'm in the office it's like I'm in touch with remote worlds, like I'm feeling things for the first time. My body reacts to these feelings in an ever-changing way, and repetition becomes hypnotic, making me reach a very intense state. That's why I'm tired, I'm not sad, I'm just exhausted. I know it's hard to understand, and you asked me "why?". I can't really tell you why, I just know that I feel my body, the world around me, with an intensity that I never thought I'd feel. Try to understand, I know you've been very shaken by what I've told you. I'm sorry if that's the case.