footage taken by 李建平(Li Jian Ping) early 1998
document 3A_ email exchange, from: Li Jian Ping to: Gao Yue (and vice-versa)
early 1998 1998年早期

Li Jian Ping. 21 January 1998, 22p.m.
李建平 1998年1月21日22:00

Before I think I passed close to your old acrobatic school, the theater looks as impressive as you had described it to me, I imagined you there.


Gao Yue. 21 January 1998, 22.30p.m.
高跃 1998年1月21日 22:30

Who knows, maybe one day I will bring you there, the inside is much more beautiful... I'm glad my stories don't bore you! I could talk about them for hours... tomorrow if you see me near the snacks don't do the usual! No chocolate for the factory acrobat.