footage taken by 李建平(Li Jian Ping) early 1998
document 20A_ email exchange, from: Li Jian Ping to: Gao Yue 
late 1998

Li Jian Ping. 22 November 1998, 2.00 p.m.
李建平 1998年11月22日 14:00

We haven't written in a long time. I can't believe you're doing this. I listened to the editor's speech today. My stubborn little girl, it seems you made it! Today when Fan Long test the sensors, he was touched, I've never seen anyone react like that, he's been talking about what he's been feeling for days. He says it felt likebeing in the womb. Even the parts with the water left him speechless. He says it's like being in the present but also being at the beach, and in the mountains and feeling the summer on your skin. He says that everyone should have access to something so incredible. The gestures he made were very simple, even in this you succeeded. I saw all your efforts and difficulties again and I felt bad for all the times I told you to stop, to leave it alone. Now I understand why you felt you had a mission. I am proud of you. Much more, there are no words to say what I felt today.

我们很久没通信了。我不敢相信你在做这些。我今天听了编辑的讲话。我固执的小姑娘呀,听起来你成功了!前些日子他们让范龙测了感应器。他深受触动,反反复复念叨了好多天,他这种反应我还从来见过。他说那感觉好比回到娘胎。水的那部分测试令他无话可说。他说那感觉既在当场,又像在海滩边,又像在山里,夏天的气息扑面而来。他说这种神异的体验人人都该拥有。 他做的姿势都很简单,完全在你的预测之内。我又看到你曾经的努力和面临的难题了,我那时总劝你停下别再搞了,现在想来真是大错特错。现在我终于明白你的那股使命感了。我为你感到骄傲。千思万绪,不知从何说起才好。