footage taken by 李建平(Li Jian Ping) early 1998
document 16A_ email exchange, from: Li Jian Ping to: Gao Yue 
early 1998

Gao Yue. 5 June 1998, 22.15 p.m.
高跃 1998年6月5日 22:15

We haven't written to each other in months. I missed you. Today the storm terrified me. It was like seeing the negative effects these experiments have on me. I miss you even now as I'm writing to you.


Li Jian Ping. 5 June 1998, 22.20 p.m.

李建平 1998年6月5日 22:20

I miss you too, I miss you always, every day. The factory is impossible without you. My days are impossible without you.