footage taken by 李建平(Li Jian Ping) early 1998
document 15A_ email exchange, from: Li Jian Ping to: Gao Yue 
early 1998

Li Jian Ping. 10 April 1998, 1.10 a.m.

It's been a long time since I wrote to you, but it seems that words out of voice don't reach you. You're devastated, today I filmed you in your car while you were sleeping. I would never get tired of looking at you, you know, but seeing you so exhausted makes me very sad. All this world in which you're immersing yourself is hurting you. I understand that you want to experience these limits that you tell me about, I understand that especially now with underwater ultrasound it is like entering a wonderful world. But reality is me, reality is you, destroyed inside the car in the morning, reality is you working for endless hours in the office, which are also modifying your body. And you seem not to realize it.